1How much does it cost to book the band?

It is difficult for us to give you an accurate cost of your function or event until we find out more information such as location, times and further requirements you might have.

If you get in touch through our contact form on our Contact Page or e-mail [email protected] someone will get back to you right away :)

2How far will the band travel?
Brass Monkees will travel to any destination within the UK.
3Does the band have their own sound and lighting equipment?

Yes Brass Monkees come with a full professional PA & Lighting set up and these costs are included in any quote we give to you.

We also come with our own professional sound technician meaning we can provide you with the very best sound for any size of venue.

4How much space does the band require?

Brass Monkees will happily set up on or off stage, indoors or out (providing the weather is good or measures are taken to make sure we are protected).

As a guide the following measurements show our suggested space requirements:

9 piece band: 6m width x 3.5m depth

5How much time do you need for setting up?
Ou standard setup time is 2 hours. This includes the band arriving at the venue, setting up our equipment and completing a soundcheck. If you require the band to be setup earlier than 7.30pm please let us know.
6Will you need to soundcheck?

In order to put on a great performance with high quality sound, we will need to do a proper soundcheck once we have finished setting up which does mean making noise for a brief period.

If we are to be setting up in the same room as where the guests are eating dinner before the evening party commences, then there are measures we can take to compromise. Just make sure you let us know when you get in touch so we can discuss this with you.

7Our venue has a noise limiter, what is this and are you able to work with it?

A noise limiter is a device that bands/DJs are require to plug all of their equipment into. This monitors the sound levels of the band/DJ in the room and if the volume exceeds a certain level, will cut the power supply meaning everything will switch off!

Now although Brass Monkees aren't in the habit of deafening audiences we do require a certain level of allowance in order to perform to the best of our abilities. We always come with a professional sound technician who is constantly stood out in the audience areas to keep check of levels and to keep the best live mix going throughout the night.

With this said however the devices can cause issues with certain frequencies as there is not a set guideline on how technicians are to install such meters.

Based on our experience we have set out the below parameter in order to make sure that we will be able to work with you if you have such a meter installed:

9 piece band: We will not be able to work with a noise limiter that cuts off the power when less than 100 decibels is reached.

The above is based on the limiter being set back at least 7 metres from the front of the stage or performing area.

8Our venue has an in house PA system - can you work with this?

If we are to work with an in-house (or hired in) company then this is not usually a problem as long as we are able to liaise with them before your event.

Our technical rider is also available in PDF form, please see our Terms, Booking & Technical page to download the PDF.

9How long do you play for?
We play 2 sets of 45 minutes and 1 hour. However if you wish us to play 1 set then we can arrange this for you as well.
1How late do you play?
All of our quotes include a standard latest finishing time for the performance of Midnight. Under certain circumstances we may be able to offer a later finish. If you are looking to continue the event after midnight then we will usually suggest adding a DJ into the package.
2Do you take requests?
You are welcome to request any songs from our repertoire list in advance. We normally suggest choosing a selection of your must-have favourites and then giving us a veto list. By doing this we can structure our set so that they flow well and have a good balance of male/female vocals.
3How many power sockets will you need?
We require an absolute minimum of 3 separate 13A feeds to the performance area. (i.e. from three separate wall sockets, not from an extension unit). This is to ensure our equipment does not overload the supply. If the supply is from a generator, we will need to confirm with the provider or venue that these power requirements are met.
4Do you have PLI and PAT certificates?
Yes, all equipment is fully PAT tested and we have Public Liability Insurance up to £10m.
5Can we play music through your PA systems during breaks?

Yes you can :) We have generic playlists that we can play before the performance and during our breaks.

You are welcome to provide us with a pre compiled playlist using Spotify and then just e-mail us the URL link and we'll load it onto our system ready to play.

6Will we be required to provide food and drink for the band?

We will require access to a supply of soft drinks and water free of charge for the duration of our time onsite.

We do ask that a hot meal be provided for all musicians. This can be similar to what the guests are eating or something separate.

7Do we need to provide Parking?
Parking will need to be provided for all vehicles. Any charges incurred for parking and/or congestion charge would need to be reimbursed. In addition to this we will need to park as close to the venue as possible for unloading, we can move the vehicles once this has been completed.
8What do the musicians wear?
For public performances the band will be smartly dressed in Brass Monkees T-shirts. For private functions the band will be dressed in shirts and ties. If you have specific themes for us to fit into however we can discuss this with you.
9How do we book?

If you head over to our Contact Page and fill in our basic enquiry form or e-mail [email protected] someone will get back to you right away.

Once you have decided to go ahead with the booking then we will send you over a confirmation to sign.

The booking is confirmed as soon as you've signed the agreement (simple click to sign) and paid the first 25% deposit.

  • September

  • Sir Duke

  • Somebody Else's Guy

  • Hold on I'm Comin' (live in Manchester)

  • Sir Duke (live in Manchester)

  • Somebody Else's Guy (live in Manchester)

  • Heatwave (live in Manchester)

  • Parklife (live in Manchester)

  • Dancing in the Street (live in Manchester)

  • Let's Dance (live in Manchester)

  • Signed Sealed Delivered (live in Manchester)

  • September/Le Freak (live in Manchester)

  • Nutbush City Limits/Proud Mary (live in Manchester)

  • Soul Man

  • Flip Flop Fly

  • I Just Wanna Make Love To You

  • Soul Man - Wrong Mushroom Pizza Mix


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